Learn How To Braid Your Hair In 3 Different Ways

For girls with longer braid, it is always both a challenge and fun to style their hair and show it off to their peers. I know a lot of people already knew these methods of  hair styling but for the sake of those who doesn’t know yet. Here are 3 ways to braid your hair.

1. Traditional Braid

traditional braid

Brush your hair first until it doesn’t tangled anymore. Decide whether you want to braid it sideward or straight down the middle. Grab the hair at the base of your skull and divide it into 3 sections. Hold a section of your hair with your right hand, a section of hair with your left hand and leave the center section lying on your head. Grab the left most section with the index finger on your right hand. Twist the left section over the center section. Repeat til you reach the end of your hair and tie it with a nice ribbon.

2. French Braid

french braid

French Braid is a lot more complicated than the traditional one simply because it has to start at the top of your head. First, pick a section of your hair and split it into 3. Cross the right section over the center, followed by the left section just like in traditional braid. The difference is you have to pick up a small section from either of your sides depending on which one you’re braiding and add it as you move along.

3. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid on the other hand looks like a traditional braid but this braid has more sections than a French braid or traditional braid. Learn the Full Tutorial Here

FishTail Braid


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