Tourist Attractions In Mallorca: Nature Parks And Reserves

If you feel like packing and go on an adventure either by yourself or with loved ones, then this is probably the best place for you to go. Mallorca, or sometimes called (Majorca), is a Spanish Island in the Mediterranean Sea.

It boasts many awesome geographical landscapes and amazing beaches. Whether you love birds, wild animals, or underwater creatures, Mallorca has it all.

Below is a list of some of Mallorca’s Nature Parks and Reserves that’s worth a visit:

Mondragó Natural ParkThe Mondragó Natural Park

One of the most famous park in Mallorca with its fine white sand beaches and the crystal clear blue sea. Swim all you can and indulge yourself in the magic of this place. Migratory birds completes this nature reserve.

Llevant Peninsula Nature Reserve

If you prefer bird watching, this place is your perfect getaway! It was declared a National Park in 2002 and is renowned for its remote and unspoiled beaches, and its colonies of Mediterranean tortoises.

Safari Zoo

Home to over 600 animals where you get to see lions, giraffes, monkeys, zebra, and many others. The kids will also love the “baby zoo” where young animals born at the zoo stayed and being taken cared of. Food is not a problem because there’s a restaurant in the area even playgrounds for children.

palma aquariumPalma Aquarium

Watching underwater creatures in their natural habitat is truly a sight to behold. Feel free to watch huge sharks and other big fishes out there without worry. Set sail on an adventure you will never forget across the Mediterranean to the tropical seas.

Zoo Natura Parc

Home to many injured animals being rescued from human cruelties and animals that suffered from any other traumatic experiences. It is an ongoing project to save animals (some of which is indigenous to Mallorca and close to extinction).

Visit Here if you want to know more about Mallorca and the unforgettable travel experience the place can offer.


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