The Best Summer Location For Outdoor Enthusiast

Lanzarote is a place for outdoor enthusiast. A complete package. Whether you enjoy swimming, biking, diving, surfing, or just wander around and watch the nature unfolds before your eyes, Lanzarote has it all. On top of that, Lanzarote also offers historical sites and art museums.

Below is a list of awesome things to do as soon as you land in Lanzarote:

GoKartingLanzaroteGo Karting San Bartolome

Built on a hillside with challenging twists and turns. Expect a fantastic experience with your family. Karts can cater all ages and skill levels. Free transportation from hotels and back were offered to both drivers and spectators.

Aqualava Waterpark

Great for kids and adults alike. Summer is more fun in Aqualava’s amazing slides, water castles and other modern amenities. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your kids have their unforgettable experience.

bikingBueno Bike Lanzarote

Offers 3 bike excursion tour to choose from: a slow and relaxing City bike tour, a scenic off-road challenges through lava fields and volcanic rock, and the Road Bike Training Camps & Sportif routes. A team of dedicated tour guides will lay out the best routes and tell you about great places.

Fundacion Cesar Manrique

Once home of the late Cesar Manrique, an artist who created his haven into a work of art.
Prepare to be awe as you walk around and find yourself asking how did this piece of heaven came to be.

surfing at famara beachSurfing at Famara Beach

For surfers who love the waves, Famara is the perfect place. Enjoy the fine sand as it pampers your feet or glide all the way as the waves hit you on the shore. Magnificent backdrop completes the view.

Big Blue Sea Dive Centre

If you want to take it further and swim amongst the water creatures in the sea then this place is for you. Watch before your eyes as huge turtles and whales makes it way around you. Feast your eyes with the beauty underwater brings.

If you want to learn more about what Lanzarote can offer you, just visit this link



2 thoughts on “The Best Summer Location For Outdoor Enthusiast

    • That’s great! Been there and yeah it was totally awesome, worth every penny! 🙂 check my other posts to know what other great places that’s a must visit in Lanzarote.

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