Reasons Why Cowhide Is The More Preferred Leather

Cowhide is a good choice for home interior because of its versatility. Aside from the fact that cowhide is an excellent use for rugs as they are soft and comfortable, as well as gives warmth during cold days, it can be used as an awesome wall hanging too.

It is an ideal rug to use in high traffic areas such as a family room, because the natural hide is extremely durable. Though its a given that a leather is pretty tough, cowhides thickness adds strength.

cowhideAmong the many leather rug choices, Cow hides are most preferred since its highly available for the beef industry. Cowhide is available in a wide variety of colours and markings and each pattern is unique in its own natural way.

The cow skin will not shed or wear thin from extended use. The cowskin is also great for rooms which have hard floor surfaces because it creates a barrier between the surface of the floor and bare feet. This barrier creates warmth and comfort for the floor which also benefits the utility usage of the home.

Another advantage of choosing a leather is that it is low maintenance. Any stains or marks simply wipe away with a damp rag. Dust and other solid particles can simply be vacuumed or by bringing the rug outside and shake off to remove any particles.

Qualities of cowhide rugs that appeal to owners include their natural beauty and their versatility, their hypo-allergenic characteristics, easy maintenance and ability to last for years.


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