Some Important Things To Remember When You Travel Abroad

Get as much information about the place. Be aware of the current situations and conditions of the place. There might be political unrest or weather conditions that you don’t want yourself to be involved. Stay safe and keep yourself updated.

Make sure you bring all the necessary travel documents…and you don’t lose them. The last thing you need during your much awaited vacation is have some legal problems because you forgot to bring your proof of identity or worst, lost them. Keep them safe at all times.

Be aware of the nearest embassy and keep a copy of their contact information. The embassy would be your safe haven in case you encounter some problems while you were abroad. Consular duty personnel are available for emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Have your itinerary and travel documents photocopied. It is always safe to have copies of your original documents and stored them separately in case your documents are lost or stolen. Also, it is a great idea to let at least one person know where exactly will you be staying and how to contact you in case of emergency.

Be familiar with the currency. Notify your bank or your credit card company the you are going overseas. Use
traveler’s checks or major credit cards instead of carrying cash but make sure they are accepted at your destination. Avoid
flashing large amounts of money when paying a bill.

Familiarize yourself with the local laws and customs. When you are travelling on a different country, you are subject to the local laws whatever your citizenship is. It is very important to know what’s allowed and what is not to avoid getting yourself into trouble. If you break their laws and you get yourself arrested or prosecuted, your embassy might not be able to get you out of jail.


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