Tips/Suggestions On How To Decorate A Home

cow hide home interiorDecorating a home is one of the most exciting things to do. You got to decide what furniture to add, color to choose, etc etc.. And the best thing is that the outcome of your work reflects your own personality and attitude. So its very important to work on it properly. Depending on your own preference and style, here are some general rules to apply.

-Make Use of the Wallpapers. The fastest and probably the most easiest way to decorate is by using wallpapers. Choose a color that would make a room brighter. The right wallpaper makes a huge difference.

-Pile On the Pillows. One pair of pillows always looks skimpy. Use two pairs, in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures.

-Prefer a Bigger Bed Over a Small One. Small-scale furniture only makes a small bedroom look smaller. Try a high bed and a tall
headboard. Your room will grow.

-Leave Your Cabinets Open. Let people into your secret world. An open cabinet is more interesting to look at than a closed one.

-A Rug Over a Mat. Prefer a real rug in the bathroom instead of a bath mat. It was made to withstand a lot more wear than the occasional wet foot.

-Skip The Sofa. There’s no rule that says there has to be a sofa in the living room. Skipping it is just as fine. If you have a large enough room, put them in the center away from the walls.

-White works. You’ll never get tired of a white living room. Aside from the fact that white makes a clean and homey atmosphere, you easily match furniture and decors on a white background.

-Make Use of the Indoor Plants. Potted plants cheer up a lonely corner as it helps lighten the atmosphere, literally.

-Layer Your Lighting. Four lamps are better than two. You need ambient light for mood just as you need direct light for reading.

-Kick Your Traditional Coffee Table to the Curb. The most versatile coffee table you’ll ever own is an ottoman topped with a tray.

-Dress up your furniture. A skirted furniture looks even better than seeing all those furniture legs. A skirted piece or two will make it feel “grounded.”

-Switch Up Your Seating. Mix up the seating at your dining table. You wouldn’t have eight identical chairs in your living area.

-Refinish Vintage Furniture. Try painting a vintage piece. Every piece of furniture can’t be brown.

It is also a good idea to add some leather in your home. The most indestructible fabric that would probably last a lifetime. It would definitely make a whole lot difference specially if you want more warmth and comfort. Check Here to see some amazing high quality leather you can choose from.


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