Travel Guide To Lanzarote Spain

Several  budget airlines will bring you to Lanzarote Island, one of the most awesome place to spend summer with the whole family. But first you have to get to the UK because its the best place to find airfare. EasyJet, RyanAir and Monarch are some of the budget airlines to get cheap flights.

All flights arrive at the only airport on the island, located near the capital of Arrecife, where you can find airport buses that would bring you to Arrecife and Playa Honda in 30-minute intervals. Because buses only stops at the two cities, it is more convenient to take a taxi to get you to your desired place.

lanzaroteviewAmongst the Islands on the Canary, Lanzarote offers the best of everything. With approximately 40 minutes from the Southern tip to the Northernmost part and less than half an hour drive from the West to the East coast, getting around is affordable, just by taking taxis and local buses.

Lanzarote offers a variety of coastline and amazing beaches. You can choose beaches with shallow water if you got kids, or choose ones where you can snorkel, surf or dive leisurely, take your pick. Other popular water sports include windsurfing, canoeing and parasailing. Also, the island provides awesome scenery and volcanic landscape unique to Lanzarote.

You’ll never get bored in Lanzarote, aside from the many activities that awaits you on your day tour, you also get to enjoy night life and great foods. Bars and clubs can be found around the island. If you’re up to shopping spree, markets and bazaars are easily found. You can even get a good deal if you know how to bargain.

Click here to learn more about Lanzarote.


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