Backstage Celebrity Secrets Fascinate and Titillate in Ted Normans Roman

Palm Springs, Calif. (PRWEB) September 20, 2013 The celebrated roman á clef, written by “ENY” as remembered by show business veteran Ted Norman, is creating bicoastal waves of semi-panic as “inquiring minds” breathlessly wait to read the skinny on what they have suspected and wondered about all along: there is plenty of scandal in tinsel town to go around but whose is it? Why Must the Show Go On? is exactly as promised, a view from the wings and from under the shadows of the biggest names in the business on both coasts over the past half century. The author ENY omits nothing as he spills the best guarded secrets of the veterans of stage, screen and the White House for the past five or six decades. The sizzling hot memoir written, as remembered by show business “wunderkind” Norman, evokes tears one minute and laughter the next in a no-holds-barred tell all that will send at least a few of the still living characters into orbit. Not since Valley of the Dolls has a book rele


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