A.D.D. The Curse or Gift OF The Entrepreneur

What have the following people got in common? Richard Branson Prince Charles The Osbourne clan Ozzy, Kelly and Jack Billy Connelly Guy Ritchie Most Entrepreneurs I know They have all been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or A.D.D. You will also find that most entrepreneurs, whether they know it or admit it or not also have ADD to varying degrees. Although I have known for some time that I have it, I had never really done been tested. Googling online ADD test brought up a whole lot of sites that offer free tests. Some are much more in depth than others and after trawling through them all I ended up doing 3 different tests on 3 different sites. To be fair most of them were pretty much the same questions but they all came up with the same result and, as I suspected, I have severe ADD which has got worse as I have gotten older. It is hard for people, who don t have ADD, to understand why I cannot clear up my desk, paint a wall properly or reorganise a cupboard. After all, they a


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