How To Write An Effective Article Title To Rank Your Blog Well in GoogleLloyd Hester | Lloyd Hester

Writing effective titles for articles whether for article directories, syndication or for content on your own site is important if you want to rank your blog in google for your given keywords.


How To Write An Effective Article Title To Rank Your Blog Well in Google

Why do you write content for your website? There are 2 reasons that people write content for their websites and blogs. To provide valuable information that makes interesting reading, is educational, entertaining, funny and/or informative. To improve their rankings in the search engines. A lot has been written on how to combine the two so…

Pioneering MP Spearheads the Drive To Expose the CWI Scandal

Hywel Williams Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams has raised an Early Day Motion to draw attention to the CWI Scandal. Hywel Williams, renowned for his interest in social policy, proposed this EDM on the 1st November. An EDM is a formal submission for a debate in the House of Commons. Whilst many EDM s do not actually reach the debating stage, they often highlight a particular cause or issue. Mr Williams first raised the issue of botched CWI back in August 2015. In a press release from that month he was quoted as saying “Thousands of people installed cavity wall insulation, misled that this was a government scheme. Now the insulation is failing, letting in driving rain and leaving them with damp, mouldy homes, high heating bills, and an industry guarantee scheme under great pressure as large insulation companies go to the wall. Will the Prime Minister take a personal interest in this matter and make sure that older and disabled people in particular are not left to carry the bu

A.D.D. The Curse or Gift OF The Entrepreneur

What have the following people got in common? Richard Branson Prince Charles The Osbourne clan Ozzy, Kelly and Jack Billy Connelly Guy Ritchie Most Entrepreneurs I know They have all been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or A.D.D. You will also find that most entrepreneurs, whether they know it or admit it or not also have ADD to varying degrees. Although I have known for some time that I have it, I had never really done been tested. Googling online ADD test brought up a whole lot of sites that offer free tests. Some are much more in depth than others and after trawling through them all I ended up doing 3 different tests on 3 different sites. To be fair most of them were pretty much the same questions but they all came up with the same result and, as I suspected, I have severe ADD which has got worse as I have gotten older. It is hard for people, who don t have ADD, to understand why I cannot clear up my desk, paint a wall properly or reorganise a cupboard. After all, they a

Why Use Social Submitting Tools Like Only Wire?

When you are working on and building a new blog or website, getting it off the starting block with regards to visitors, followers and subscribers is not an easy task. In fact it is extremely hard work in the beginning. As time goes on it is like a snowball effect, visitors to your blog or website can begin to grow exponentially and gain a momentum that can catapult you into the blog stratosphere. We all know that we need to keep the site fresh, adding quality, interesting and informative content on a regular basis but, it does not matter how much great content you have, how funny, clever or valuable it may be, you have to drive traffic to the site so that they get to see it, read it and learn to love and appreciate it. Once they do then they will come back. So the key is not just to create the content but to get people to see it. And, if you think that posting a link to your facebook page and tweeting it will drive you the numbers that you will need to grow, then I am afraid you are

Tsu – A Social Network That Actually PAYS YOU To Be Social?

A Social Network That Actually PAYS YOU To Be Social??? Facebook and Twitter are making money off of your content. Every time you upload a video, write a great post or even share a selfie, they profit and profit BIG. Facebook reported $3.6 billion in ad revenue last quarter. But imagine a world where every time a social network made money from your content, you got paid. Wouldn t that be a better, more fair world? We now live in that world is the first social network that actually pays you to create content and engage with your network. In fact, they share 90% of their ad revenue with their members. And yes, you get royalties when the people you refer earn as well. The site looks great, too! Check out what my Tsu page looks like: