Tips On How To Clean A Leather Rug The Proper Way


A rug is a good addition to your home interior. It provides warmth and comfort during cold days. A leather rug on the other hand can be a heirloom to your family. It is a treasure particularly if its made from the highest quality. Keeping it clean though can be a bit tricky especially  if you have kids or pets at home.

When you only have to remove dust and other solid particles on the rug, you have two options. One is using a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristle brush attached at the end. Gently vaccum the rug by going with the grain of hair. Dont go against them.

Another way is by using the conventional way of carrying your rug outside and gently shake loose any dust that has collected. It is better to get the help of another person if the rug is too heavy. By shaking the rug, you’re giving it the chance to breathe.

When your leather rug has been spilled accidentally, all you have to do is take a damp cloth and a squirt of mild soap on your cloth and gently stroke following the grain of hair and not against it. Once the spill is cleaned, rinse the cloth then go over the spill several times until
all the soap is removed. Air dry the affected area by placing books or other objects underneath.

Lastly, apply a leather conditioner to keep the fabric supple and restore its luster.

It is important to remember to never dry clean your leather rug particularly if its made out of cowhide. Keep the rug out of direct sunlight. And do not use harsh chemicals, only natural soap.


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